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Manually keeping track of stock orders can be time consuming and challenging. Over the years, the distribution industry has made significant advances when using computers to improve the accuracy of product ordering, and many now offer their services electronically. RxWorks has taken its’ many years of experience in integrating with such industry partners over the world, to bring you the benefits of electronic ordering through this program.

Aimed at Practice Efficiency & Profitability

How eCommerce Helps You:

  • Gives you reliable, two-way electronic communication to your vendor
  • Assists implement better inventory control
  • Updates your fees based on current costs
  • Saves staff time on ordering and receiving
  • eCommerce is included in our Practice Plus Suite
  • Communicate Electronically with Vendors

    eCommerce builds a two-way connection from our inventory work area to your vendor’s system. Through the RxWorks interface, you will be able to electronically send product orders based on current stock levels and usage, as well as receive shipments.

    Helping You Implement Better Inventory Control

    Correct ordering and receiving of products are essential to effective inventory control. It’s also better use of your practice’s investment. Because eCommerce electronically orders and receives products based on current stock levels and usage, it will greatly assist with keeping accurate records. Stock levels, batch numbers and expiry dates are automatically updated in RxWorks once a supplier’s digital shipping document is received. Your end result is a cleaner, more accurate and up-to-date inventory system. There are no lost or duplicate orders, delays in accounting for receipts or the many other problems created with a manual system.

    Update Fees Based on Current Costs

    As mentioned, your stock levels will be updated into RxWorks once a supplier’s digital shipping document has been received. The current prices of items, as purchased from the supplier will also be updated. You can immediately update your item prices with a supplier’s cost price, or wait to pass on those charges when the current stock has run out.

    Save Staff Time

    Two-way, electronic communication between a vendor and your practice is the most efficient and accurate method to help you keep control of stock orders and receipts. It eliminates the need for manual ordering and receiving, leaving your staff to do what it is they do best – patient care.

    What Next?

    To find out more on the eCommerce module and what it can do for your practice, please “click here to talk to an expert”.

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