Data Wizard Enhancements

Data Wizard Enhancements

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RxWorks now has four new Data Wizards available, one to allow quick update of procedures and three to specifically help with fast updates for fee deviations. Due to the number of Data Wizards available a new feature has been introduced – searching.
Each of these features will be covered below in more detail.

New Feature – Searching Data Wizards

Due to the number of categories and wizards available as well as plans to continually introduce new ones as needed a need arose to be able to find a related wizard without having to manually click through different categories.

Furthermore, in previous version of RxWorks Data Wizards that the user would not be able to use (due to features or application settings) would be hidden from view – in this version these wizards are visible but can not be used.

Typing in a few words into the search box allows the user to zero in on categories of the wizard they may be interested in, saving time and removing need to remember where a particular wizard is located.

New Procedure Update Data Wizard

While there have always been Item Wizards to change various item information, there hasn’t been a Procedure counterpart until now.
With the new version of RxWorks users can now quickly perform mass updates to key information on procedures instead of having to go through every single procedure one by one in RxWorks which is a very time consuming exercise.

The wizard can be found in the Procedure section and is called the Procedure Update Wizard.

The following attributes on a procedure can be mass updated when using the wizard:

  • Procedure Name
  • Printed Name
  • Service
  • Species
  • Deactivated toggle
  • Price Sensitive toggle
  • Consulting Vet
  • Invoice Grouping
  • Text Template
  • Use Only in Bundles toggle
  • Charge Default toggle
  • Min # of charges to apply
  • Default charges to unchecked when applying toggle.

New Deviation Data Wizard Overview

Fee deviations have been introduced previously, allowing clinics to have their prices controlled through a master clinic, with individual prices deviating from the master clinic by selected percentages for each charge.
One of the issues has been the inability to set these deviations on a mass level through the wizards. With this version of RxWorks this has changed.
The new wizards give the user the ability to set the deviations on individual items through three unique ways – through percentage entry – by changing it for a given service or for a given item per each clinic or finally for a given item by entering a new desired price.

These are explained below.

Before using the new deviation Data Wizards please keep in mind – there are no controls over the deviation range in the spreadsheet, so if these have been set, the Data Wizard will simply fail during the import process. The user will not be warned when entering the data in the spreadsheet of potential deviation range conflict as they would be warned in the application itself.

New Service Level Fee Deviation Data Wizard

Important! Please note – this wizard works for the currently logged in clinic only.

The wizard outputs each service and columns for both the fixed and variable deviation percentage. These two columns allow the user to enter a deviation percentage that will take effect for every single fee under that service heading.
For example if I have a service of Medication and wish to increase fixed prices by 20% and variable prices by 10% for all the fees under medication, I would enter 20 in the fixed deviation column and 10 in the variable deviation column. The % sign is not needed and should not be used.
If on the other hand I do not wish to update the deviations for a given service, both the variable and fixed percentage needs to be left blank. This will skip that service during the import process. It is important to remember both sides must be left blank. If one side is entered it will result in having the other side having the deviation removed – meaning either the fixed or variable side will default to the master pricing clinic – for all items under the service.

New Fee Deviation Data Wizard

Important! Please note – this wizard works for the currently logged in clinic only.

While the service level fee deviation Data Wizard allows a mass update for all fees under a specific service, the fee deviation wizard allows a more fine tuning of fee deviations on an individual level.
The wizard shows the existing master prices for both the fixed and variable side, adjusted for the clinic tax rate.
The columns where the data can be entered is the clinic fixed and variable sale price. This means rather than entering a percentage change, the clinic has control over the actual price they wish to charge.
Please note, attempting to enter a percentage instead of a price may in fact lead to incorrect data being imported into the database as the wizard is specifically expecting alternative prices.
Upon importing the wizard will apply the appropriate deviations to the items changed, meaning the price will always reflect against the master pricing clinic.
If a price is missing from the wizard (the column is blank) it means that particular item does not have a charge for either the fixed or variable side – depending on which price is missing. Entering a deviated price where it is missing will have no effect.

New Fee Deviation For Clinics Data Wizard

This wizard is very similar to the individual fee deviation wizard, however it does not work for the currently logged in clinic and allows deviations to be entered as percentage, rather than actual prices.
To begin with, the options on the wizard allow the user to select which clinics they are interested in changing. If nothing is selected, all clinics controlled by the current pricing clinic will be exported. As this may be slow, it is recommended to actually select the desired clinics (unless the intention is to do them all at the same time).
As with the previous individual deviation Data Wizard, the master price is shown – however this price does not take into account any clinic tax variations and is instead the true price charged at the master clinic.
Each column has an entry for the exported clinic split into the two pricing components – fixed and variable. This repeats for every clinic selected.
Please note, if you enter a price instead of a percentage value, the program will treat the price as a percentage, leading to unexpected behaviour. If you wish to enter actual prices, the individual fee deviation Data Wizard allows you to do so.

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