D4 – Letters & Export

D4 – Letters & Export

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The Reminder Letters & Export function allows you to merge all the reminders generated on a particular date to Word or to a list in Excel.

Accessing Reminder Letters & Export

  1. Go to the RxWorks Task Panel.
  2. Select ‘Reports’ from the “toolbar”.
  3. Select ‘D: Reminder Notices and Statistics’
  4. Select a date in Section 4, ‘Letters & Export’, to select a reminder run and click ‘OK’

The window shown above will appear.

About Letters & Export

What It Does

Merges all the reminders generated on a particular date to Word or to a list in Excel

When To Run

Run Reports D4 if you want to reprint your reminders for a particular date.

Things To Watch

Once the reminders have been merged, you will have the option to Preview them in Word first and then Print, or Print without Previewing.

Information Required

The date you ran the reminders you want to merge. Choose from a drop-down list.

The Letters & Export Window

Select Dates And Export To Word Or Excel

To reprint all reminder letters generated on the selected date, select a date from the drop-down menu next to either:

  • ‘Merge and print all reminder letters produced on.’ This will merge the documents into Word for printing.
  • ‘Export all reminders produced on.’ This will export a list of all reminders generated on the selected date to Microsoft Excel.
  • Restrictions

    Select a clinic in the drop-down menu next to ‘Restrict to this clinic’ to only view reminders generated for the specified clinic.

    Generating The Report

    Click “OK” when finished selecting options to proceed.
    Once you click on OK the computer will generate all the reminders and merge them onto the relevant letters or postcards

    You need to print each Word document individually. (ie: if there is one document containing all reminders, you will need to print one document; if there are twenty documents containing different reminders, you will need to print 20 documents). This is the result of the way Word deals with the merges.

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