CUBEX Stock Transfer Integration

CUBEX Stock Transfer Integration

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This document details the stock transfer workflow implemented between Cubex and RxWorks.


There are two workflows available for handling how billing transactions from Cubex are imported and processed within RxWorks:

  1. Patient dispensing workflow: billing transactions are imported as charges onto the patient medical record. This is implemented in RxWorks 4.8.
  2. Stock transfer workflow: billing transactions are imported from the Cubex system and processed as stock transfers to a target stock location, which is defined as a stock location patient in the Cubex system. This is implemented in RxWorks 5.0.

The stock transfer workflow is activated when a billing transaction is imported from Cubex for a stock location:


Because the current integration is based upon the concept of dispensing products to patients, additional configuration options have been added.

A stock location must be flagged as a dispensing transfer location using Inventory > Reporting & Management > Configure Stock Locations.
When a dispensing transaction is imported with the related ID of the stock location the stock transfer workflow will be executed:

When the option Allow Dispensing Stock Transfers is checked and the stock Location is saved, the details will be sent to the attached Cubex system as follows:

  • The patient name will be the name of the stock location in RxWorks
  • Patient number / ID will be SLx, where x is generally the ID of the stock location. This ID is used so as not to clash with IDs of patients.
  • The client number in Cubex will always be SL1. This is so all the “stock location” patients will have the same “owner” and can easily be found in the Cubex system
  • Client name will always be “Stock Locations”
  • Patient notes will be set to the Stock location notes
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