Cubex Enhancements

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Several changes have been made to Cubex integration to support multiple cabinets in a single location and where branch clinics in RxWorks are used for departments within the same physical location.
If an existing Cubex integration exists prior to upgrading to 5.3, the settings will need to be reviewed after the upgrade to ensure the integration remains functional.

Admitting Patients to Cubex From Multiple Stock Locations

In previous versions, a Cubex installation was linked to a single RxWorks stock location, meaning patients could only be admitted when logged into that stock location.

This has been extended, so a Cubex installation can be linked to multiple stock locations.
To configure this, navigate to Options & Setup > Visit > Dispensing Systems and Select the Cubex cabinet to configure. Enter the list of RxWorks stock location ids as a comma-separated list into the setting ‘Visible to Stock Locations (exporting)’

The Cubex installation will then be available for admitting when logged into any of the stock locations configured.

Mapping Clinic & Stock Location When Importing from Multiple Cabinets

When there are multiple Cubex cabinets in the same building, linked to the same Cubex account details, a map can now be configured to determine what clinic & stock location should be used for individual cabinets when importing Cubex dispensing transactions (charges billed directly from Cubex)
To configure this, navigate to: Options & Setup > Visit > Dispensing Systems and Select the Cubex cabinet to configure.
The settings to change are:

  • Cabinet to Clinic Map (Importing)
  • Cabinet to Stock Location Map (Importing)

Complete the setting with the following pattern:
“CabinetNumber” colon “RxWorks Clinic Code or stock location id” semi-colon
e.g. in the following example:

Cubex Cabinet Clinic Stock Location
01 1 1
02 3 2
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