Clipboard Group and Appointment Type Enhancements

Clipboard Group and Appointment Type Enhancements

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While clipboard groups have been able to be excluded from specific clinics on the client system the same could not be done for appointment types, let alone have appointment duration’s specific for each clinic. Furthermore, users restricted from certain clinics were still able to make clipboard groups available to all clinics.

With RxWorks 5.0 these issues and limitations have been addressed and a variety of enhancement s included which are covered in the following sections.

Clipboard Group Security Enhancements

One of the issues identified was the ability for non-global users – that is users restricted to a set of clinics – able to modify clipboard groups to allow them to be accessed by all clinics (making them global) or vice versa – making global groups restricted to their own clinic. In 5.0 this has been corrected.

Permissions to edit, delete or add a clipboard remain the same and the user needs the appropriate security level.

Where change begins, is if a clipboard belongs to a global group, but the user is a restricted branch user, they will not be able to edit that clipboard. (This is to prevent them making changes that would affect everyone.)

If the clipboard is only for this branch, then the user will be allowed to make changes.

If a user is restricted to a branch, and has add permissions, any clipboard group they add will by default be restricted to that branch.

Appointment Type Enhancements Overview

The new version now has a whole new interface for modifying or creating appointment types. The new screen allows the user to quickly see the duration of each appointment type, the colours used and whether or not the appointment is available to the current clinic.

In the above the first appointment type – “0 Sick/Trauma /app” – is not available to Garden City Equine Clinic. If an appointment type is not available the description and duration will turn red.

The duration is the clinic duration. Duration for an appointment type can come from either a global level or a clinic specific level – that is if a clinic has explicitly entered its own duration, this is the duration which will be seen on this screen and this duration will only be visible and usable to the said clinic.

Finally the colour combination of text and background is presented along with a sample writing for the user to quickly get a feel for what the appointment will look like on the screen.

Appointment Type Enhancements – Clinic Availability

One of the enhancements in the new version is the availability of appointment types to a given clinic – that is not all appointment types might make sense to given set of clinics. In previous versions there was no way to select which appointment types make sense under which clinics.

In order to change whether an appointment type is available to the currently clinic, a user simply needs to toggle the leftmost checkbox on the appointment type configuration screen.

This will change the availability of the appointment type for the currently logged in clinic and nothing else.

Appointment Type Enhancements – Clinic Duration

As previously mentioned appointment types can have their duration set for each individual clinic. In order to do so the user must click on a description of the appointment type they wish to configure. The following screen will become visible:

Here the user can edit the global duration – this is the duration available to all clinics or alternatively set the duration only for the currently logged in clinic.

If a clinic has a duration set, that duration will be used whenever the appointment type is selected or visible for the said clinic. In other words, if appointment type under Clinic A has duration of 25 minutes while global duration is set to 15 minutes, any appointments made for clinic A, that select the above appointment type will have duration of 25 minutes. If on the other hand appointments are made against any other clinic, the duration will be 15 minutes.

Please note: the globally editable fields are subject to special extended security which will be covered in its own section. These include things such as description, global duration, text/back colours, allowing web booking or setting appointment type to deactivated.

Appointment Type Enhancements – Deactivating

One of the new features with appointment types is the ability to deactivate them. In previous versions in order to stop an appointment type being available it would have to be deleted. This meant possibly having to merge appointment types with others to simply have something disappear from a list. Furthermore this operation could not be undone.

Deactivating an appointment type stops it being usable without removing the historical data with the possibility of going back and reactivating the appointment type at a later date.

Deactivated appointment still show up in the configuration screen, however they are at the bottom with the “Inactive” word in red next to them. Additionally deactivated types can not have their availability altered.

Appointment Type Enhancements – Enhanced Security

The new features can be further restricted through the enhanced security setting – that is stopping a clinic restricted user from being able to modify global appointment type information.

This setting is only available to RxWorks Support personnel, however when it is active, a clinic restricted user can no longer edit global appointment type fields. The only thing said user can alter is the visibility of a given appointment type for their clinic and the clinic specific duration. To have this enabled, please contact support.

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