Client Transfers & Client Member Clinics

Client Transfers & Client Member Clinics

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This is a corporate clinic feature which allows branches to control access to clients within their group and transfer ownership of a client and associated patient data such as Care Plan balances to another branch clinic within the corporation in a traceable fashion.

The outcome of this functionality will be to introduce the concept of a client being a member of a branch clinic group rather than an individual clinic. The ability to modify data for a client, such as patients, appointments, visits, payments and financial transactions will be restricted to the clinic group.

Prior to this feature a user who could access a client via the UI, irrespective of which clinic they were a member of, and had the appropriate security could make changes to the client and associated information. The introduction of this feature allows corporations to restrict changes to the branch group of which the client is a member.

This feature can be used in conjunction with the following policies to control visibility, access and the ability to transfer a client to another branch clinic group.

Cannot Access Clients At Other Clinics Denies the ability to list/find clients with a preferred clinic not in the user’s clinic access list. The clinic access list is the list of clinics available to a user when they log in. The list can be configured on a per user basis with the clinic security button in Options/Users/Security tab.
Cannot Change Client Preferred Clinic Denies the ability to modify the preferred clinic for a client.
Allow Client Clinic Group Membership Change Gives the user the ability to change client’s clinic group membership.

General Business Rules

  • A branch clinic group can contain one or more clinics
  • Individual clinics which are not members of a branch clinic group are automatically configured by the system to be part of a branch clinic group containing just the individual clinic.
  • Clients, patients, appointments, visits, payments and financial transactions record the clinic, and by association the branch clinic group, in which they occurred.
  • When a user logs in to a clinic they have access to all clients, patients, appointments, visits, payments and financial transactions which belong to the branch clinic group not just the clinic
  • A client can be assigned to any clinic in the branch clinic group as the preferred clinic.
  • The preferred clinic receives any care plan revenue that is generated.
  • The ability to modify the preferred clinic for a client is subject to policy control.
  • Clients can be transferred from one clinic to another and by association from one branch clinic group to another.
  • Installation

    RxWorks comes pre-configured with a Clinic Group for each clinic and the “All Clinics” group as shown below. When 5.2 is installed every client is automatically added to their individual clinic group as initially there is a one to one relationship between clinic and clinic group. Each user is associated with the “All Clinics” group so that the existing behaviour of RxWorks is maintained.

    However, branch clinic owners can now create a new branch clinic group containing the member clinics which the branch clinic user own. The clinics’ client’s membership would need to be altered to the new branch clinic group which would allow the branch clinic users to operate on clients that form part of the group according to existing security and the new business rules described above.

    There are automatic clinic groups, however additional clinic groups can be configured if required. Individual client’s would need to be made available to this group, however, bulk transfer of client’s to this group can be facilitated by RxWorks.

    Client Clinic Group / Clinic Membership

    Client membership can be determined by inspecting the Preferred Clinic on the client page:

    Default Member Clinic Group

    For each clinic the default member clinic group can be configured and all client’s added whilst logged into that clinic will be assigned to that clinic group by default.

    Client Clinic Transfer

    Patient care plans are owned by a single clinic who receive the direct debit revenue for the plans. When a client moves to a new clinic the patient care plans are transferred to another clinic in a traceable fashion in order to maintain the correct revenue flow and reportability.

    Client Clinic Transfer Business Rules

    • The clinic must be part of a multi-clinic environment
    • The ability to transfer a client to another clinic is subject to policy control:
      • A user will require rights to the policy ‘Allow Client Clinic Group Membership Change’ and NOt denied by the ‘Cannot Change Client Preferred Clinic’ policy.
      • A user not denied ‘Cannot Change Client Preferred Clinic’ will see the Preferred Clinic dropdown on the Client page in the Rx UI
      • A user with ‘Allow Client Clinic Group Membership Change’ will see the Clinic Transfer button on the Client page in the Rx UI
    • Any user who is a member of the branch clinic group can transfer clients who are members of this branch clinic group to another clinic.
    • Clinic membership cannot be transferred when the client has an outstanding balance.
    • Clinic membership cannot be transferred when the client has incomplete visits.

    Transfer Outcome

  • Client’s care plan balance will be transferred to target clinic
  • Future appointments will be deleted
  • Recalls will be deleted
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