Client Screen – Client Ratings

Client Screen – Client Ratings

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RxWorks allows you to rate clients according to their receipt or invoice history. You might use this data as part of a marketing campaign, or offer reductions in cost for regular clients.
Client Ratings show a client’s rank order in relation to overall expenditure in a specified period. The rating is displayed as a colored bar at the top right hand section of a client’s record.

Client Rating Color Codes

Each rating has a colour, along with a rank order shown by a number in brackets:

  • (P)latinum
  • (G)old
  • (S)ilver
  • (B)ronze
  • The above example shows a client of Gold Rating, who is ranked 3rd in the entire client list.

    Reports on Client Ratings

    Create a report on Client Ratings through Reports & Excel Analysis Spreadsheets.
    Send communication and marketing material to Clients that fit your preferred Client Rating profile with Reports & Queries, Mail Merges and Listings.

    Client Rating Options and Setup

    You can change the options for Client Ratings through “Tools & Utilities > Client > Set Ratings Options”.

    View more information on how to set up your “Client Ratings”.

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