Client Screen – Account Details

Client Screen – Account Details

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This article references account details for the Client Screen.

Client Screen – Account Type

A number of functions flow from the Client Account Type. The most obvious of these are the format of account statements and the fees that apply to the account.
By default, the program assigns clients a Default Account Type. However, it is likely you will need several different Account Types.
Configure Client Account types through Options & Setup > Client > Client Accounting Information.
Each Account Type is handled separately when accounts are printed. The parameters you can vary for each account type include:

  • Account Fees
  • Settlement Discount
  • Account Style (Inclusion of invoices with statements, format of the statement)
  • Account Notes (Text which is printed on the account statement)
  • By changing the client Account Type, you are changing the rules that the program applies in order to produce the Client Account Statement. We recommend your practice restricts Account Type changes to management directive only.

    To change the Client Account Type

  • From a clients screen, click on the Account Type drop-down list.
  • Select the appropriate Account Type that applies to this client from the list.
  • Click SAVE on the “toolbar” or hit F10 on the keyboard to save the changes.
  • Client Account Balance

    The Client Account Balance field displays the amount currently owed by the client.

    Red numerals show the amount owing,

    while black numerals (with a minus sign) will show on accounts in credit.

    You cannot override this calculated field on the client page.
    If you need a breakdown of current and overdue balances, click on the Account Info button.

    Temporary Account Notes

    Please refer to article on “Client Screen – Notes”.

    Special Payment Terms

    Please refer to article on “Client Screen – Notes”.

    Split Billing

    Please refer to article on “Client Screen – Managing Client Records”.

    Bad Debtor

    Please refer to article on “Client Screen – Notes”.

    Tax Status

    Set the client tax status on the client record. You can select whether the client must pay tax or is exempt, or if the client will pay tax on a service by service basis.

    When you change and save the tax status for a client, RxWorks records the change, when it was made and who made it in the audit entry details.

    Tax Exempt Per Service

    Select this option for more flexibility in the management of tax exempt clients. Setting this tax status allows you to set tax exemptions on all items charged under specific, tax exempt Service Headings.

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