Client Notes – Forced Popup

Client Notes – Forced Popup

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RxWorks now has the ability to force the client notes to be displayed when searching or creating an appointment for the said client. Previously the notes would only be shown if the client had entries in either the bad debtor or special payment terms notes section.

Controlling Client Notes Popup

A new checkbox is present towards the bottom of the client notes screen. This checkbox relates only to the current client, meaning for a different client the option may be toggled on or off depending on the notes or preference.

If this checkbox is ticked, the client notes or temporary account notes will always be shown upon searching or clipboard/appointment scheduler operations, that involve the said client.

The checkbox has no effect on the Special payment terms and bad debtor notes and when either of those is navigated to the checkbox will be replaced with a static text reminding the user of this.

These notes will continue to display as they have previously irrespective of the checkbox state.

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