Client Arrival And Transfers

Client Arrival And Transfers

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Working with Clipboards Once Your Client Arrives

When a client with an appointment arrives, the responsible staff member transfers the patient to a clipboard such as ‘Waiting Room’ or ‘Surgery’.
As the patient progresses through their visit, this can be reflected in the clipboards. For example, when a visit has been completed, the vet can transfer the patient record from the ‘Visit Room’ clipboard to the ‘Waiting to Pay’ clipboard, ready for the receptionist to take payment.

Transferring Appointments demo videos:

Transferring Appointments

Transferring to the Exam Room

Transferring Patients Between Clipboards

Transferring by Drag and Drop
  1. Select ‘Clipboards and Appointments’ and find the relevant appointment.
  2. In our example below: Evergreen clinic, the Appointments clipboard is Appointments – Small.

  3. Click the appointment and, while holding the mouse button down, drag it to ‘Waiting Room’ and let the button go

This will open the “Appointment Entry Window” for that clipboard.

Transferring with the ‘Transfer’ Option

Right-click an appointment entry and choose ‘Transfer’ from the “shortcut menu” that appears.

This opens the Send to Clipboard dialog.

‘Waiting Room’ will be the common choice but you may sometimes send to other clipboards such as ‘Hospital’.
Make your choice & click OK to open the “Appointment Entry Window” for the clipboard.
Remember that you can change the names of various clipboards to suit your own needs.

The Waiting Room Entry Window

When a clipboard is selected to transfer an entry to, the Consult Entry window will open.
Notice most data fields have been filled in from the appointment data.

Patient Weight

Patient weight will be the main addition to make for Waiting Room entries.


Notes are a message to other staff. They will Flag Entry highlights the clipboard record. Most practices use this to indicate urgency or patients with handling problems.

The transfer is complete once you click ‘OK’. You can now ask the client to take a seat!

The fields in the ‘Consult Entry’ window may be slightly different in your system. It will depend on which configuration settings you have chosen.
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