Charging Frequently Used Fees

Charging Frequently Used Fees

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One of the issues identified has been the time it takes for the charge dialog to show up when users press the yellow plus button.
This is because the first selection is All Services which can take a long time to load depending on how many items, procedures or bundles is present in the system.
In order to speed things up, a new option has been introduced called “Frequent”.


The “Frequent” selection is first selected when the user selects the yellow plus button and is made up of the top 50 items, top 50 procedures and bundles which have been most recently charged. These charges are selected based on the species of the animal that the user is making the charges for. These charges are updated each night.

All Services selection is still possible as well as previous functionality of selecting an actual service is still the same as before.

By default in 5.0, ‘Frequent’ will be the default selection for the yellow plus list.

This can be turned off in Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Application > Application Settings to revert back to ‘All Services’ being the default option.

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