Care Plan Top Up Components

Care Plan Top Up Components

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Top Ups are components that are charged and paid for in a different way to regular care plan components. They are designed to allow charging for fees and services that are still recognised as part of the care plan, but are generally given less discount than regular care plan components.

One application is for chronic conditions where a new module is needed but the current module has not yet expired. The module can be renewed onto the appropriate module when the renewal period comes up, but in the meantime the patient can be charged from top ups to account for the difference.


When a visit is finalised, any top up components that have been charged are added together and a Care Plan Debit is created for the client. This will typically be paid directly by the client, and not via the scheduled direct-debits.

Configuring Top Ups

This is a two step process:

  1. add the component to the care plan, and check the box marked Charge As Top Up
  2. configure the pricing options for the top up component

Setting up Component

Configuring Prices

Top Up prices are configured by using a pricing clinic. This can be any pricing clinic, either one already set up as a branch clinic, or a new one used solely for top up pricing.

When the top up pricing clinic has been set up, then you will need to set the global setting for top ups via Task Panel > Options & Setup > Items > Patient Care Plans > Global Settings.

Charging Top Ups


Charging is done as per any other care plan component. Top up components are shown at the bottom of the list (since they won’t be used as often as regular components), and are also denoted by a red TOP UP label:

When the consult is saved a care plan discount will be added for the top up component as per usual. This is calculated using the discount by % setting on the component:

When the visit is finalised a care plan debit for the top up charge will be generated (along with a zero transaction for the visit itself):

The normal workflow would be to then go to the financial page and select the Add Payment button. This will show the care plan debit in the list of debits to allocate the payment to:


Top up charges can be reviewed on the care plan status page. They are flagged with a “%(color-red)TOP UP%” label to distinguish from charges delivered as a regular part of the care plan.

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