Batch Level Stock Control and Traceability

Batch Level Stock Control and Traceability

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Stock Control has now been extended to allow you to control the level of stock at a batch level.

Manage Batches

Manage Batches is accessed from Fees > Stock Control:

The track Individual Batch Levels option enables stock adjustments and transfers for this particular item (and stock location) at the batch level.

Select Manage Batches to either:

  1. Add new batches for a product
    • (this can also be done while importing goods receipts as per previous versions)
  2. Update the expiry dates for batches

Use Add Batch to enter a new batch for the product:

The Manage Batches page can also be accessed when charging an item:

Inventory Management

The options in the Reporting & Management section relating to batches have been reorganised. The section in previous versions to configure batches has been removed, and these functions incorporated into stock adjustments and the manage batches sections.

Stock Adjustments

If Track Individual Batch Levels has been enabled for an item then the batches will be shown in the stock adjustment screen:

In this example the product has two batches identified with batch numbers. Any on-hand units of the product that have not been explicitly added to a batch will be grouped into the No batch number entry.

An individual batch can then be adjusted as required:

Stock Transfers

An additional column will be visible in the stock transfers section, to allow batches to be transferred from a primary stock location to a secondary:

Expiring Batches Report

The Expiring Batches report has been updated with an additional option to filter by stock location:

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