B2 – Account Fees

B2 – Account Fees

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The Account and Syndication Fees Setup section allows you to ‘program’ a predetermined set of fees to be charged when accounts are printed.

If you perform work for syndicates, you also have an option of charging fees per client or per patient.
You can create new account types through Options & Setup > Client > “Client Account Details”.

The Account and Syndication Fees Setup section of RxWorks can be broken down into two areas.
These are:

  • The Account Fees Area
  • Syndication Fees
  • For more information on each area please select them from the article index to the right.
    Each section provides you with setup options for the Account Type you have selected.

    Account Type

    Select each Account Type then set up the other parameters. Changes will be saved as they are made and there is no need to click OK after each Account Type is set up. In fact Cancel does not function. To reverse changes they must be undone one by one.

    The Account Fees Area

    After selecting the Account Type from the top of the Account and Syndication Fees Setup Window there are the following options to select from in the Account Fees Area:

    Account Fees

    Select either a set amount or a percentage with a minimum. The percentage is not an annual rate. It is a percentage of the outstanding amount and it is charged each time accounts are run for a different account date. If you re-run accounts for a date already run, the account fee may be updated but is never duplicated.

    Charge A Fee If A Payment Has Been Received

    Perhaps this should read Charge the fee even if a payment has been received. If not selected, the client will not be charged interest if they have paid at least part of the outstanding amount.

    Charge A Fee On Special Payment Terms Clients

    If not selected, clients with Special Payment Terms (in client notes) will not be charged an accounting fee.

    Apply The Fee To

    Allows you to select which part of the outstanding debt to use in calculating fees.

    Text To Print On Statement To Explain Account Fees

    Allows you to explain how the Account Fee is calculated. This text only appears on an account statement when an account fee is charged.

    The Syndication Fees Area

    Charge Syndication Fees

    If selected, syndication fees will be charged to each client who receives split billing for a patient.

    How To Charge Fee

    The fee can be charged once per client or once for each patient on each client.


    Must be an exact value, not a percentage. The purpose is primarily to cover the extra printing and postage cost of a syndicated patient.

    Text To Print On Statement To Explain Syndication Fees

    This text allows you to explain how Syndication Fee works. It only appears when a syndication fee is charged.

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