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Use this section to setup options associated with the Patient Screen. You can invoke specific help by holding the computer mouse over one of the topics. More detailed assistance is available when you select the topic.

General Patient Information

Use this page to customise the patient information you will record.
You can customise the Patient Screen for each species and lists of values for breed and colour can be managed. You can also set the measurement unit for patient weight, set the reminder sensitivity and set whether to always display patient notes.
Use the setup icon (…) to configure each species, each breed or the list of colours.

Species Name

The drop-down list will display all the available species names to select from a Patients Work Area. As shown below:

Adding New Species To The List

  1. Click on the setup icon (…) next to Species Name.
  2. Configure your new species as instructed under ‘Patient Species’.

Adding A Breed

  1. Click on the setup icon (…) next to Breeds.
  2. Configure the breeds as needed.

For Performance Pack and VSD users, Breeds will be pre-defined because you are aligned to the RxWorks central database.

Adding A Colour

There are 3 options which determine how your users are allowed to use this field. These are:

  1. Auto Update – this will only allow users to enter any word into the Colour field on the Patient Screen, and the word will then be added to the list for use in the future.
  2. Prompt – this will allow users to enter any word into the Colour field on the Patient Screen, but will ask the user whether they are sure they want to enter this word into the list for future use.
  3. None – this will only allow users to choose from the colours available in the drop down list.

Changing the update method

To change the update method:

  1. Choose the appropriate option from the drop down list next to Colour.
  2. Click SAVE.

Adding, Editing and Deleting Colours

Click on the setup icon (…) next to Colour.

To Add A Colour:

  1. Click on ADD.
  2. Enter the new colour in the text field next to ‘Item’.
  3. Click SAVE.

To Edit A Colour:

  1. Select the colour you wish to edit from the list.
  2. Click EDIT.
  3. Change the colour details as needed in the text field next to ‘Item’.
  4. Click on SAVE.

To Delete A Colour:

  1. Select the colour you wish to edit from the list.
  2. Click on DELETE.

If you delete a colour that has been used on your system, it will ask you what colour you want to use in its place.
Patient Records will be updated with the edited or replacement colour.
Editing and deleting colours is useful for cleaning up data converted from another program.

You will need to restart RxWorks for the change to take effect.

Patient Weight Measured

Set this to reflect (in a patient work area) the weight type your clinic weighs patients with.

Reminder Sensitivity

This period will define how long before a patient reminder goes from Green to Yellow in the patient work areas.
This setting will also apply to your HealthCare listings if you are using the HealthCare Module.

Display Patient Notes

If this option is selected:

  • The patient ‘Notes’ window will appear when first navigating to a patient file with notes.
  • If this option is not selected:

  • The patient ‘Notes’ window will not appear when first navigating to a patient file with notes.
  • Use this screen to customise the names of each species. Cat/Feline, Dog/Canine, Horse/Equine etc

    Configure Species

    Configure each species to display or hide the following:

    • Species Name: The name of the species you wish to use.
    • Printed Name: The name of the species when printed as a merge field on documents and handouts. i.e. Species Name = Avian Printed Name = bird
    • Default Breed: Often left blank, but maybe used for a specialist practice. i.e. A guide dog practice may set this to Labrador
    • Account Categories: Used to split the account statements between species. A mixed practice may use this to split the account statement between large animal accounts and small animal work for a single client.
    • These can be configured in Options > Finance > Account Categories but are often left on the default of All Species

    • Type: Species Type is used as a broad division of your patients for reporting. You may wish to evaluate patients by Species Type = Large Animal Vs. Small Animal Vs. Exotic Breed, Colour, Sex, Weight, DOB and Microchip fields are as you would expect. You need to check the box adjacent to them to show the field on the Patient Screen.

    Use Deceased Date

    Shows the date deceased if a patient is euthanised. This may only be relevant for small animal practices.

    Enter reminder details when adding

    Whenever you add a new patient to RxWorks, the program will prompt the user to add a reminder to the patient record.
    This user would ask the client something like: “When was Fluffy last vaccinated?” so that information can be recorded and an accurate date set for the next reminder due.
    When this option is used, there is a danger that staff will be in a hurry and will not have time to record the details accurately. Hurried staff might either apply the wrong reminder to the patient record, or use an incorrect date. Unless the reception team is properly trained, practices run the risk of destabilising their reminder system.

    When Healthcare Manager is activated, this option becomes unnecessary, as patients will be automatically reminded when they are overdue or have never been treated.

    Use Classification

    You can use patient classification to regulate particular medications being invoiced to inappropriate patients. This feature was implemented to satisfy legislative requirements for treatment of food animals in Holland. The Dutch version includes usage reports for restricted medications in classified patients.
    You could also use classification for restricted medications in racing animals.
    Patient Classification works in conjunction with the Classification Exception setting on Fee items.
    If you try to invoice an item and its classification exception matches the patient’s classification status, a warning message will appear. You can then choose to continue or cancel invoicing this item.

    Use Discount Schemes

    RxWorks has a facility to setup and maintain internal patient discount/insurance schemes. Unless your practice intends to build an in-house wellness system, it is best to leave this field unchecked.

    Patient Species Custom Fields

    Use this page to customise the fields for each species, such as Blood Type, Last Dental Exam, etc. This area requires a thorough and systematic approach to configuration.

    For Each Update Field

    For each update field that is decided for a patient species, you will need to determine the following:

    • Will the value be updated by the sale of a fee?
    • If so, which fees need to be configured so they accurately update the field?

    This area requires intelligent and considered thought from the practice about what information they wish to record, and what marketing activities they will pursue in the future.

    Important update fields to consider

    • Insurance Company
    • Insurance Policy Number
    • Alternate Patient Name 1 (can be renamed – i.e Racing Name)
    • Alternate Patient Name 2 (can be renamed – i.e. Stable Name)
    • Cost + Fee Basis (used to determine sales of inventory to staff – calculates Cost + Tax + XX %)
    • Rabies Tag #

    Adding Custom Fields to Species

    1. Select the species you wish to configure a custom field for.
    2. Click ADD.
    3. Select the custom Field from the ‘Field name’ drop-down list.
    4. Click SAVE.

    Deleting Custom Fields for Species

    1. Select the species you wish to configure a custom field for.
    2. Click DELETE.

    Classification Setup

    Use this field to configure the classifications and drug exclusions for patient records. This field assists with a legislative requirement in the Netherlands.

    Patient Report Card

    Use­ this section to include a weight chart on a Patient Report Card.


    Allows you to configure patient sexes:

    • Male
    • Female
    • Mare
    • Gelding

    Patient Fields

    Patient fields are customizable information fields that can be updated automatically by a fee or manually by a user. A field can be date, numeric, alphanumeric or a formatted list.
    There is tick box option to manually update a field. This allows you to force the user to manually update a field when a fee is invoiced and the visit completed. Commonly used for Microchip.

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