Auto-Attach Documents

Auto-Attach Documents

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RxWorks now has the ability to automatically attach a generated document to the respective section of the app as a PDF file. This happens when a document is printed and not previewed as previewing allows the user to alter the contents of the document.

For example, if a document is set to auto attach and it is generated from the patient section, the generated document will be converted to PDF and added as a patient attachment.
In the context of a consultation, if a document has previously been attached, the program will ask the user whether they wish to use the attached copy instead of generating a new one. This can save time when printing or previewing.

Note: Even without auto-attach, the printed name will still appear in the patient timeline.

Controlling Auto Attach Property

Whether a document will be automatically attached when printing is controlled from two sections. First is the page style setup page for the said document, which can be found in Reports > H. Setup & Document Editing , selecting the desired document and pressing Setup.

Overriding Auto Attach Property

The auto attach property can be overridden at the time of printing. When you navigate to the Print menu, then select the document, the print dialog has a checkbox “Automatically attach as a PDF when printing.”
This checkbox will be ticked or unticked, depending on the setting in Page Styles and can be changed here.
This is a once-off override, the document will revert back to it’s programmed state after navigating away from this page.

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