Associate Items with Multiple Species

Associate Items with Multiple Species

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Fee Items have been traditionally linked to a single species or ‘all species’. This was restrictive and often created the need for fees to be duplicated, allowing it to be charged for just a couple of species, i.e. cat & dog but not a rabbit.

In version 4.9, RxWorks has changed this behaviour to now allow the ability for a single inventory item to be assigned to multiple species.

This provides the following benefits:

  • Allows more flexibility when charging, as the item can be restricted to exactly the set of species for which it is used
  • Allows for simpler stock control and batch traceability, since items no longer need to be duplicated if restricted to a single species

The species drop down list on the Item screen has been replaced with an ‘Edit’ button.

Clicking Edit takes you into the species configuration screen where the item can be assigned to any number of available species or have the species removed.

Note: Removing all entries in the Object Filter screen shown above automatically assigns it to All Species.
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