Apply Bundle User Interface

Apply Bundle User Interface

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The ‘Apply Bundle’ screen has been updated to add new functionality.

  • Colour of the bundle screen updated to blue
  • Performance improvements when the screen launches and when applying the bundle to a visit
  • Ability to group the charges in a bundle into groups, which display on tabs and lead the user through a more focused workflow. This reduces the list of charges on a single page to aid the user to make the correct decisions
  • Validation warning displayed against each bundle charge when applying if it does not meet the constraints set out in the configuration
  • Ability to select more than 1 entry for ‘list’ bundle charges (Super Bundles or Performance Pack module only)
  • Searching/Typeahead for small lists (Super Bundles or Performance Pack module only)
  • Ability to view & pick from all the options for longer lists (Super Bundles or Performance Pack module only)
  • Bundle Charge Categories

    For bundles with a lot of charges & options, for example complex surgeries, categories can be applied to each bundle charge and the charges grouped on to separate tabs when applying the bundle. To configure this, navigate to edit the Bundle configuration and enter the name of the grouping into the Category field. Any charges that don’t contain a Category, will be grouped together into an ‘Other’ tab

    The result of the above bundle configuration is shown below, with 4 tabs across the top. The order of the tabs is determined by the smallest ‘Order’ of procedure bundle charge within each category.
    Clicking ‘Next’ will move to the next tab. On the final tab, is the option to ‘Apply’ the bundle to the visit.

    If no categories are configured for a bundle, the tabs are hidden and all charges are displayed in a single page in the same style as earlier versions.

    Validation Warning Against Each Bundle Charge

    A warning symbol will show against any charge that does not meet the criteria that will allow it to be charged. Hovering the mouse over the symbol will display some information about the issue.
    The following will cause a validation error:
    List with nothing selected (Super Bundles module and Performance Pack only)
    Units being charged lower than minimum units
    Non-optional charges that have 0 units

    The validation symbol will also appear on the tab name of any pages that have a validation error for a charge

    Selecting More than 1 Entry for Lists

    For ‘List in Service’ and ‘List in PP Type’ charges multiple options can now be selected. This removes the need to duplicate the same bundle charge to allow more than 1 selection.

    To add a second or subsequent entry, click the button, then search for the additional line item.
    Different units can then be entered for each.

    Searching/Typeahead for small lists

    Small lists didn’t allow typeahead/searching in earlier versions. This has now been updated to match the functionality in the lists with more than 20 entries.

    Viewing Full List of Entries

    Clicking the … button next to each bundle charge list (List in service or List in PP Type) will display a full list on the right. Smaller lists with less than 20 items can still be viewed as a drop down without searching. To hide the list, click anywhere in the main screen on the left to hide the list.

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