Application Tools

Application Tools

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RxWorks Application Preferences and Settings

You will find several settings here to adjust how RxWorks performs for your practice.
These are as follows:

Advanced Breed Searching

Toggle the ability to use Advanced Breeding Searches on or off.

Patient Page – Hide Reminders, Recalls And HCI’s

Toggle the option to hide all up-to-date reminders, recalls and HealthCare Indicators by default.

Patient Page – Display Order Of Centre Panel

Choose from the drop-down list what order you would like the details showing in the centre panel of the Patient Page.

Patient Page – Collapse Custom Fields

Choose to have patient custom fields showing as collapsed (to category level) by default when entering new Patient Work Areas.

Consult Page – History Text Edits

Set the number of days the history text can be edited. After this, edits must be made by a user with the correct security access.

System – Disable Printing Labels

Choose to disable automatic printing of labels when charging out procedures in a visit.

Automatic Document Template Updates

Choose to have new versions of Forms, Certificates and Letters downloaded automatically. This is for the Forms, Certificates and Letters Module.

Accessing the RxWorks Application Preferences and Settings

To access these settings:

  1. Go to the RxWorks Task Panel.
  2. Click on ‘Tools and Utilities.’
  3. Select ‘Miscellaneous.’
  4. Select ‘Application Settings.’
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