Alternate Setups

Alternate Setups

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Alternate Clipboard Setups

For the most part, clipboards are lists used to manage the flow of work through your hospital. You have already seen how some clipboards work together to manage a flow of events.
You can find other examples of clipboard flow with Hospital Case management and Repeat Prescription management.
Some clipboards are not part of a flow. They are simply a list. Staff Messages, Equipment on Loan and Promise to Pay are examples of this.

Select the article indexes to the right to view some alternate ways of setting up your clipboards.

Hospital Clipboards

The standard database includes a Hospital clipboard configured like an appointment scheduler. Surgery can be pre-booked and then, as the day progresses, the records are moved to the appropriate column as each stage is completed.

Prescription Clipboards

The standard database includes repeat “prescription management” clipboards. These are found in the Prescription group and are Requests, Approved, Need Recheck and Completed.
Receptionists can add entries to Requests with a note explaining what is needed. Veterinarians can review the requests and then move the entry to either Approved or Need Recheck. Nurses can prepare the medications and invoice for the entries in Approved and then move them to Completed.

To review, right-click the entry and choose ‘Navigate To’ from the shortcut menu. To move an entry to another clipboard, drag & drop while holding down the Ctrl key.

Multiple Clinic Clipboards

You can manage entries on multi-clinic clipboard systems with the clinic selection list. This list is available when you “add” or “edit” a clipboard entry.
When adding a new entry, the clipboard will always default to the clinic the user is currently “logged into”.

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