Tips and Tricks

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How to setup automatic service ratio scheduling

Did you know you can setup automatic service ratio scheduling for times, week days, months, and even date ranges?
Navigate to Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Visits > Service Ratio Schedules.

Here you can create a schedule for weekends, school holidays, Christmas holidays, and overnight visits.

Create a new service ratio and name it something easy such as ‘Weekends’ or ‘After Hours’, and configure the ratio.
Once created you can configure what days of the week this ratio is active for, narrow down the hours, or choose the month/s of the year that it will apply.

What to do in a power outage

 If your clinic ever loses power, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will kick in (if you have one installed), powering your server for a few minutes, long enough for it to power down safely.
Depending on how your UPS is setup, only the server may have power now, so you won’t have an internet connection due to your modem/router shutting off.
Once your server powers down, no one can access your clinic remotely to copy, print, or email the clipboard information for you.

Have you looked in the Online Portal for useful resources?

Before calling or emailing support have you checked our Online Portal for useful resources?

It includes our Online Manual, Release Notes, the Community Forum and our webinar videos.

How to view all transactions on the financials page

Do you want to view all the transactions for a long-standing client but can’t see them all on the financials screen?
Click the arrow in the top-left corner of their financials screen and select ‘All Transactions’.
This view is saved for the next time you view a client’s financials page, so if you only ever want to view the current quarters visits you can set this here, or if you like to be able to scroll through all the client’s financial history choose ‘All Transactions’.

How to check your backups are running

Click Tools and Utilities from the Activities screen

Click Backups

At the top of the screen you will see information about 3 backup processes. Log, Full and Server. If these are all in green, your backups are running, however if you see red please contact support.

Log is intended to run each half an hour and backs up information that has been recorded in that time.

Full is the database backup that occurs every night. It can be used with the log backups to restore your database to any point in time during the day, to the half hour.

Server is the entire server backup. This create “images” of the server’s hard drive and stores them in case of emergency. This backup will keep copies of your documents and other data that lives outside of the database.

Negative backorders

In the Stock > Backorders, Transfers and Adjustments > Manage Backorders section of RxWorks, you can see that there is a list of backorders. Some of the numbers are in negative, and these are known as Negative Backorders.

A Negative Backorder occurs when you have ordered an item, but the order has not been updated in RxWorks. This means, that the program thinks you have received more than you have ordered. A traditional backorder is when you have ordered stock and not received it yet, and this shows as a positive number. Hence the negative number shows that an item has been received, but not ordered.

If you need help correcting these, you can amend the order to include the item that is missed from the receipt.

RxWorks 5.0.4024 and stocktakes

Unfortunately, there is an issue with RxWorks v5.0.4024. The stocktake import is not able to manage the data correctly, and ends up causing problems with the data. Fortunately RxWorks has a solution for this problem, and can be received by calling support.

Changing from E-order to Provet Connect

If you are changing your ordering integration from E-Order to Provet Connect, be sure to call Provet to setup your account. Some changes need to be made on their side to prepare your account, so that when we set you up, you are ready to go!

How to log off a session

Correctly logging off your server is a great way to keep your data safe, and prevents you from having locked session.
Many people click the ‘X’ on the remote session bar and believe they are logging off correctly, but this is not so.

If you have a start menu

To do this correctly, Click the Start bar, you should see a log off button on RxWorks Servers. If you have a third party server, you can push the triangle, to find the option

If you have a tiled application screen

Go to the tiled application screen, click your name in the top right, select sign out.

This will reduce the amount of session locks you may have, as well as make sure that your data is kept safely.

Common RxWorks shortcuts

Did you know that there are lots of shortcuts in RxWorks?

Some common ones you can use are:

Shortcut Effect
Ctrl + N New Record Window
Ctrl + S Saves the record you are on
F3 Show Clipboards
F6 Brings up a counter sale
F11 Calculator
Ctrl + F Find on related window (Client, Patient, Fee, etc)
Esc Undo changes to a record – Can only be used BEFORE you save

Visit the online manual within the online portal at to find more!

Target specific groups of patients with email marketing

Part 1. Create an email template

  1. From the Activities screen, click Email Manager
  2. Click, Message Templates
  3. Use the drop down to select Email
  4. Click Add Template at the top left of the window
  5. Create the template and click Save.

Part 2. Build the client listings and send email

  1. Go to Reports > Queries, Mail Merges & Listings
  2. In section 2. Build Selection Criteria, Change the radio button to Patient
  3. Use the first drop down to select Species, ensure the second says Equal To, and use the third drop down to select ‘Rabbit’
  4. Click Add
  5. Click the Execute button in the grey section to the right
  6. In section 3. Select Output Style, change the radio wheel to Send Email
  7. Use the drop down to select the email template you had created earlier, and/or select a reminder letter that is appropriate to attach, by clicking browse.
  8. Click ‘Send Selected Email Template’.