Online Manual Working with Modules Demo Videos - Forms, Certificates, Letters

Demo Videos - Forms, Certificates, Letters

Forms, Certificates and Letters - Demo Videos

Creating a library of correctly formatted documents with accurate templates and appropriate styles would represent many weeks of work for the average practice. Not surprisingly, most practices never get around to that task and so are unable to enjoy the benefits effective communication with their clients can deliver.

RxWorks offers two separate modules both designed to reinforce a practice’s individual attention to the client and patient through personalised documents. These are Forms, Certificates, & Letters and Client Education.

Forms, Certificates, & Letters is a library of pre-formatted documents that cover the majority of a practice’s requirements from Welcome Letters to Euthanasia Consent Forms, from Vaccination Certificates to Overdue Account Letters.  

The Client Education module provides a wide range of information handouts and educational materials which can be linked to the relevant Procedures and Fees in the RxWorks system and printed automatically on invoicing.


The Demo Videos


Creating a Letter
View the 'Creating a Letter' demo video.

Editing Documents
View the 'Editing Documents' demo video.

Managing Document Templates
View the 'Managing Document Templates' demo video.

RxCommunications Styles Template
View the 'RxCommunications Styles Template' demo video.

View the 'Automation' demo video.




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