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(Misc Tools) Configure Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
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Configure Outgoing Mail Settings (SMTP) - Pre RxWorks 4.4

RxWorks can send SMS messages and emails directly to your clients and referring practices. RxWorks can do this without the need for an external email or SMS program.

  • RxWorks uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send messages via the Web.
  • SMTP is the method used in most email programs to ensure that your email sends correctly and arrives at the right email address.


The following functions need SMTP information setup correctly before they will work correctly:

  • Emailing from RxWorks. This includes sending a direct email, sending reminders, crystal reports (such as patient history) & lab results.
  • SMS Messaging.
  • Automatic Message Manager


SMTP settings on their own do not activate the Automated Message Manager functions or allow you to send SMS. SMTP settings provide the necessary information to allow these extra functions to send correctly.


This document covers SMTP Setup for versions prior to V4.4. Please see our online manual article 'Configure Outgoing Mail Settings (SMTP) - RxWorks V4.4' for information on setup in RxWorks V4.4.


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