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Short Message Service, also known as SMS, text messaging, TXT or text, is a great way of keeping in touch with your clients. RxWorks has built in SMS capability so you can send text messages to any mobile / cell phone. These short messages can enhance the quality of care you provide to your clients with minimum effort.

The SMS features in RxWorks can be used in a number of different ways, including:

To find out more about these enhanced SMS features, click on the links above.

This article will guide you through the setup steps so you can send manual SMS messages to your clients.



Before you can successfully send an SMS from RxWorks there are a number of setup activities that must be completed first:

  • SMTP Server settings must be configured and working.
  • An SMS account must be opened with MessageNet or provider of your choice.
  • Clients’ cell/mobile numbers must be set as an SMS number.

Continue reading through this article to find out more about each of these steps.



It is good practice to ask your clients how they would like their contact details to be used. Having a mobile number or email address in your records may not constitute explicit permission to use these details for all types of communication.

  • General information about clinic activities, seasonal specials, and events are often considered to be marketing material & may require client permission before sending.
  • Information specific to a patient or client about upcoming appointments, preventative medication refills, and upcoming appointments are usually OK to send without permission.

Discussing how your clients’ information will be used is a great way to establish client contact preferences e.g. prefers to receive accounts in the mail, but is happy to receive all patient reminders and updates via SMS and Email.

Check with your local communications authority about the guidelines that apply to your region.


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