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Overview of SMS (Text Messaging) Setup

Short Message Service, also known as SMS, text messaging, TXT or text, is a great way of keeping in touch with your clients.

RxWorks has built in SMS capability so you can send text messages to any mobile / cell phone. These short messages can enhance the quality of care you provide to your clients with minimum effort.

This article will guide you through the setup steps so you can send manual SMS messages to your clients. You will find articles with more information on the Automated Message Manager, setting up message templates, and general SMS usage in other articles in the RxWorks Online Manual.


There are three components that must be configured before any SMS can be sent:


  • SMTP Server settings must be configured and working.
  • Clients’ cell/mobile numbers must be set as an SMS number.
  • An SMS account must be opened with MessageNet.


We will run through each of these steps with you in the remaining article indexes.


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