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InHouse Lab Device Integration List

Below is a table listing all integration partners for In-House Laboratory Devices, and their relative integration features with RxWorks.

The In-House Lab Devices listed integrate with RxWorks Lab Manager, which benefits RxWorks users with many useful and time saving features.  If you do not use Lab Manager, you will need to manually import your results without the benefits of automated integration


In-House Laboratory Devices Integration List

Lab Device
Lab Order Sent Directly to Lab Device from RxWorks
Lab Results Imported into RxWorks
VetScan® Classic

VetScan HM2™ Hematology System

VetScan® HM5 Hematology

VetScan VS2®

Hemavet® 950LV

Hemavet® 950 & Hemavet® 950 FS

Hemavet® 1700

Catalyst Dx® Chemistry Analyser
Coag Dx™ Analyser
LaserCyte® Hematology Analyzer
ProCyte Dx™ Hematology Analyser
SNAP® Reader
SNAPshot Dx® Analyzer
VetAutoread™ Hematology Analyzer
VetLab® UA™ Analyzer
VetLyte® Electrolyte Analyzer
VetStat® Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer
VetTest® Chemistry Analyser
Stat Profile® Critical Care Xpress

FORCYTE™ Hematology Analyzer







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